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Debate Day on “Shaping Tomorrow’s BURUNDI”,  Saturday October 27th, 2012

IAP_Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development is giving you an exceptional time to discuss challenges and solutions for our economic, social and political systems and to explore new thinking and values.

Considering that our country is confronted with many serious challenges that, if left unresolved, will threaten the well-being of present and future generation, this debate is dedicated to discussion of those challenges and potential solutions based on scientific evidence and large analysis.

Our goal is to bring together Burundian youth leaders for re-examining some of the assumptions we make about our social, political and economic systems. We hope together we will have a constructive debate and plan to archive and publish seminal papers and comments for future reference.

Join us and let s “shaping the Burundi we live in and tomorrow’s Burundi we all need to see”. Together we will identify the Threats and Weaknesses we are facing and the Strengths and Opportunities that could let us overcoming all present and potential challenges.

Do you want to share your contribution or hear opinions from others? Send us an e-mail to show your interests and to further register.


Welcome again to IAP Blog.

Here we collaborate to generate and share positive ideas and actions for Peace.

We promote personal and global Peace and Development without any limits of country, gender or colors.

Today, we need you to change the world through sharing positive ideas and actions for lasting Peace and Development.

10 Actions for Building Peace

Please add yours…

1) Create more Peace in your personal life:

Before daring building Peace in our organizations and societies, we should have some degree of peace in our own internal lives.

We are a core unit of our family while our family are a core unit of society, and when we are in Peace and having peaceful families…transforming society will not be an impossible task anymore.

Though there is no recipe for building peace, there are many options that people have explored such as mediation, praying, yoga, exercise, writing, reflecting, building community and more.

2) Share your experiences and hopes for peace, as well as frustrations around conflict

Tell the world your success stories of helping to address conflicts around the world, Spread the word about ways to improve practice.

3) Support Organizations working to effect change in the world

There are many ways you can support organizations such as contributing financially, volunteering, and more.

Wandering what are those dynamic organizations around the world working to address conflict, build community, foster economic development? IAP, TFF, UNOY and more are there.

4) Advocate for Preventing and Ending Conflicts

5) Mainstream a Conflict Sensitive Approach into your organization/community

6) Get Additional Training

Would like benefit from additional training? There are many academic options, professional training programs, summer institutes and more that can help provide additional training and skills.

7) Join an Existing Network

We become stronger in what we practice.

In order to make fundamental positive change in our lives, we must join like-minded people and then we must practice, not just occasionally, but daily, taking daily, small steps.

 8) Engage in Productive Dialogue with Others

Let’s build understanding and connections between people with diverse perspectives.

9) Foster Sustainable Economic Development

One of the key ingredients in building peace in post-conflict societies is to help create sustainable economic opportunities for communities.

Just be creative and ensure that the future generations will thrive on this earth..

10) Build Community in your Own Life

There are many ways to build community in your own personal and professional circles.

Invite your neighbors over for a party or gathering, start a new group to gather people around a common interest, look for exiting volunteer opportunities , contribute time and resources for helping others.


African Session Training From 11 to 15th September 2012

Day 4: Fundraising

Willing to find funds for achieving your brilliant ideas or for sustaining your activities?

Yes, you can… you can pass from 0 to million dollars… if …you use technics required.

However, today we are learning technics and strategies to raise funds, it is so excting… We will come back to tell you more…

Day 3

An idea is the key of REAL CHANGE. However, should we still thinking???

No of course! After identifying the problem and getting a clear idea of what should be done, an ACTION PLAN is what we need!

For this third day, PLANNING, MONITORING AND EVALUATION were the three words that kept our attention.

Each work groups submitted an action plan where a common problem in the Region of Great Lakes were well identified as well as the Global and specific Objectives, Activities to reach those objectives, and strategies to make happen those activities.

After this, we’ve seen the technics and tools of Monitoring and Assessment.

The third day has also been made by a field trip. We have been visiting OPDE, a center for professional insertion.

Day 2

This is the day 2 of our training…

Today, the goal is knowing more about conflicts  and Peace.

Before starting, as we’ve already seen, all conflicts aren’t negatives and above all, conflicts are the source of creativity and creation.

Day 1

”The leaders that the Beautiful Africa needs for its successful change are among you, and the most you will be united, the faster  you will transform our Africa” said the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi.

What a good thing to see almost 24 participants, from different background,  coming from different countries with different culture but amazingly with an UNIQUE AIMING: BUILDING PEACE, all gathered surrounded by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi who officially opened the training African Session in the presence of Marcelo from Brasilia, Mathilda from Netherlands, Jan Oberg from Sweden, Armand from Burundi as facilitators representing respectively United Network Of Youth Peacebuilders, TFF and Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development.

Starting on the fact that life is based on theory, as we need theory to drive a car, to cook, to study, even to solve conflicts or to act for peace, we need some crucial theory. However, for this first day, we have seen about the basics of conflicts.

Thus, being an incompatibility between values, expectations, visions, goals, a power aspitations, briefly a contradiction, a conflict is natural and isn’t always negative. Further, the conflict understanding is very important as:

  • Perhaps 75% of human activity is about conflict and negociating with fellow human being,
  • the world needs conflict-competent people, experts,
  • knowing about conflicts is a key in reducing Violence,
  • it saves time, money and free energy,
  • through conflicts, we get to know ourselves and others,
  • finaly, our governments still training people for fighting but not really for non-violence.

Moreover, the reason why we’re taking this training isn’t that we need a conflict-free Africa, as it doesn’t exist, but we want an Africa with more conflict understanding and therefore less violence.

Finally, please come back tomorrow and let’s you gain more and more technics and strategies in problem solving and Projects development…the best is coming…

Participants at Uniting African Youth Training Session are known!

Please check your name in Events & Opportunity blog’s section

Congratulations and Welcome to all. We are proud that you have been selected to participate in this year’s 2012 Training session. IAP and UNOY are pleased to have your commitment to this training and look forward to your contribution.

Our Committee has designed an engaging curriculum. The UNOY, IAP and TFF will provide you an opportunity to learn from an exciting faculty of international community and Peacebuilders leaders who will share their personal experiences, achievements and challenges that they encounter as leaders in both Peace and Development sectors. This event marks the first international activity and we are very excited that you can share this moment of great achievement with us.

Join us in creating African’s Peace Center and let us show that together we can change the world.

The African Youth Training Session 10th-15th September

Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development and the United Network of Young Peacebuilders-UNOY will be hosting a regional training gathering East African Youth Organizations from 10th  to 15th September. The training will take place in the bustling city of Bujumbura under the them “Uniting African Youth for Peace”.

We are excited to have youth fro Rwanda, Uganda, Eastern congo and Burundi to not only gain an understanding of the projects creation and management, but to get empowered to lead visible and ground-breaking change in the region by giving them the avenues and resources to successfully bring ideas to fruition.

This will be done through an entirely new and more interactive format consisting of five techniques:

  • Improve their skills in project management group, effective communication and dialogue between youth organizations;
  • Acquire the necessary tools for the identification of needs in their localities;
  • Acquire the necessary tools to develop projects;
  • Develop skills on networking and advocacy strategies;
  • Create a work plan and implementation of a regional craft peace in the Great Lakes region;
  • Build partnerships and platforms to strengthen the links between youth organizations in the region.

We are very pleased to be able to bring visionary young leaders together with distinguished professionals to work in tandem to develop home-grown social enterprises for the benefit of Africa and its people.  It is our hope that youth from Rwanda, Eastern Congo, Uganda and Burundi will leave this session inspired to make lasting impact!!


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