And the IAP was born

Posted by Armand GIRAMAHORO

Founder of IAP

CEO and President

CEO and President- IAP Founder

Under the prestigious 2011 fellowship of the Dekeyser and Friends Foundation (D&F) , an organization which vision is to inspire young people and enable them to follow their dreams by linking them to experienced personalities who want to share their passion, experience and knowledge; I gained hands-on experience from Phd. Samuel Ross, founder of Green Chimneys School (GC) . Created in 1947, GC is now a US  nationally renowned, non-profit organization with a mission of restoring possibilities and creating futures of children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges through educational, therapeutic and outreach services, while providing care for animals and nature, thereby promoting a philosophy of dignity and worth for living. It is from there that I came up to concretize my long time dream of empowering Burundian youth in order to achieve both sustainable peace and development in Burundi, thereby creating hope for a better future after a long civil crisis and the associated genocide that caused many deaths in that country and where youth were highly victimized and involved in violence perpetuation. Next to being highly motivated and working on the issues of youth and development associated to peace work for a long time already; I got inspired by Green Chimneys School’s birth, growth and its ethics of work and then I decided to develop the IAP-Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development- project to further my dream and vision of building peace and development in Burundi through the empowerment of youth and peace education. And the IAP was born!

And we welcome you to take part this wonderful venture! Support us to building a mouvment of positive change in Burundi!


2 thoughts on “And the IAP was born

  1. That’s the way to go Armand. The world will get transformed if people with constructive dreams begin to convert them into reality. Burundi needs people like you and the initiatives you have started.

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