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Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

My name is NYANDWI Didier, a Burundian young person. I am 29 years old. I graduated in July 2011 at «Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology (M.V. LOMONOSOV) » in «Technicalal Chemistry of organics substances-Distillation issues».

After seven years abroad, I came back to my country in August 2011. I found out that most of young graduated people are unemployed.

Burundi is a country which knew a long civil crisis that caused many deaths and youth was used in perpetuation of violence. Today, our country is the poorest country in the World with a per capita of around $ 300. However, it is a country with high potential natural resources. With 65 % of young people in Burundi, I have a big hope for a positive change in many domains in my country because youth is considered as «engine» of both the social and economical development. And I have a strong desire to work for a sustainable peace and development in my country.

Back from Russia I was inspired by the vision, mission and objectives of IAP- Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development that Armand GIRAMAHORO has developed during his stay in New York in August- December 2011 with the Dekeyser and Friends Foundation. Then I joined the IAP in order to contribute to the building of peace and sustainable development in Burundi through the empowerment of Burundian young people and the culture of dialog. I will be working as Project Coordinator.

I would like to call all people in the world, different local and international NGOs, foundations, as well as governments to help us in the implementation and achieving success of our project. Supporting the IAP will allow young Burundian people to get on the work in order to develop our lovely country Burundi.

This Blog-site will be a place where people can see what we are doing. It will also be a place where people can exchange views on how we can bring together positive change in Burundi and in the World. Welcome on Board!


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