1. The vision, mission and objectives of the IAP-Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development

 The vision of the IAP-Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development is “To contribute to the building of peace and sustainable development in Burundi through the empowerment of Burundian young people and interethnic dialog”.

Our mission is to “Equipping youth with skills in project development and management, providing them support and mentorship for the first steps of implementation of their projects while raising awareness of interethnic dialog for social change among them.”

 The objectives are to help youth to become economically self-reliable as well as being active citizens who can bring positive change in Burundi, a country that has suffered from a long civil war which brought a bad economic situation in the country. By providing youth entrepreneurship skills and helping them to create their own profit projects, the organization is preventing that they become violence perpetuators due to unemployment and the lack of basic values.

2. Articulated theory for social change.

 The 65% of the 10 million of Burundian population are youth who- at the rate of 90%- come from unprivileged families living under 1 dollar per day. After their academic curricula, ¾ of them don’t find a job since there is no national employment policy for youth. Consequently, youth become agents of violence perpetuation under the manipulation of power politicians who promise them money and jobs. Fraud, combined by the ignorance of basic values, becomes a mode of life to survive for them.

As the French proverb says:”The science without conscience is the ruin of soul”, beside providing social entrepreneurship skills, we will train youth on human basic values to make them real change-maker, people who are active in developing economically the community but also citizens who care about their peers and who promote peace by peaceful means as stated by the United Nations. We also aim at developing a culture of dialogue among Burundian youth.

 3. Activities

The scope of the IAP work is situated on two levels.

 *Trainings, for a period of up to three Months per term, in social entrepreneurship. Trough experts lectures, are taught how to create a profit project, to manage it, the fundraising strategies and how to sustain their projects. Youth are provided a mentorship of experts as a continuous support for the implementation of their small profit- projects for up to 1 year after the termination of the training.

 *Series of seminars on topics such as democracy, good governance, leadership, respect of human right, corruption’s eradication, accountability, gender participation, diversity and development, non-violent communication, and the culture of dialog. Guest speakers and trainers in those areas give a non formal education to the youth to accompany their entrepreneurship skills development. As well, the youth will self-organize cultural events and sport’s activities to further social cohesion among them and others community members.


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