Debate day

IAP_Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development is giving you an exceptional time to discuss challenges and solutions to our economic, social and political systems and to explore new thinking and values.

Considering that our country is confronted with many serious challenges that, if left unresolved, will threaten the well-being of present and future generation, this debate is dedicated to discussion of those challenges and potential solutions based on scientific evidence and large analysis.

Our goal is to bring together Burundian youth leaders for re-examining some of the assumptions we make about our social, political and economic systems. We hope together we will have a constructive debate and plan to archive and publish seminal papers and comments for future reference.

Join us and let s “shaping the Burundi we live in and tomorrow’s Burundi we all need to see”. Together we will identify the Threats and Weaknesses we are facing and the Strengths and Opportunities that could let us overcoming all present and potential challenges.

Do you want to share your contribution or hear opinions from others? Send us an e-mail to show your interests and to further register.


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