The event

First day

”The leaders that the Beautiful Africa needs for its successful change are among you, and the most you will be united, the faster  you will transform our Africa” said the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi.

What a good thing to see almost 24 participants, from different background,  coming from different countries with different culture but amazingly with an UNIQUE AIMING: BUILDING PEACE, all gathered surrounded by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture of Burundi who officially opened the training African Session in the presence of Marcelo from Brasilia, Mathilda from Netherlands, Jan Oberg from Sweden, Armand from Burundi as facilitators representing respectively United Network Of Youth Peacebuilders, TFF and Initiatives and Actions for Peace and Development.

Starting on the fact that life is based on theory, as we need theory to drive a car, to cook, to study, even to solve conflicts or to act for peace, we need some crucial theory. However, for this first day, we have seen about the basics of conflicts.

Thus, being an incompatibility between values, expectations, visions, goals, a power aspitations, briefly a contradiction, a conflict is natural and isn’t always negative. Further, the conflict understanding is very important as:

  • Perhaps 75% of human activity is about conflict and negociating with fellow human being,
  • the world needs conflict-competent people, experts,
  • knowing about conflicts is a key in reducing Violence,
  • it saves time, money and free energy,
  • through conflicts, we get to know ourselves and others,
  • finaly, our governments still training people for fighting but not really for non-violence.

Moreover, the reason why we’re taking this training isn’t that we need a conflict-free Africa, thought it doesn’t exist, but we want an Africa with more conflict understanding and therefore less violence.

Finally, please come back tomorrow and let’s you gain more and more technics and strategies in problem solving and Projects development…the best is coming…


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